British Prime Minister David Cameron hails Cancun agreement

PM David Cameron



December 11, 2010 (KATAKAMI / NUMBER10.GOV.UK) — Prime Minister David Cameron has hailed the agreement at the UN Climate Change talks in Cancun, Mexico, as a “very significant step forward” to tackling climate change through multilateral action.

Mr Cameron said he was clear that Britain would meet its international obligations and stressed he would continue to make the case for a “global, comprehensive and legally-binding climate agreement”.

He said:

“The Cancun agreement is a very significant step forward in renewing the determination of the international community to tackle climate change through multilateral action.

“This morning I spoke to Chris Huhne to congratulate him and the entire UK team on the successful conclusion of these negotiations.

“I also pay tribute to President Calderon of Mexico for the tremendous skill he has shown in bridging the gaps and producing a consensus outcome.

“Now the world must deliver on its promises. There is more hard work to be done ahead of the climate change conference in South Africa next year.

“I am clear that Britain will meet its international obligations. This will be the greenest ever British Government. And I will continue to make the case for a global, comprehensive and legally-binding climate agreement.”   (*)



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