Blue ribbons may indicate attack on Ahmadis was planned

Hate and destruction: A police officer inspects on Monday the damage at the house of a member of Ahmadiyah after an attack by a Muslim mob in Pandeglang, Banten province. The machete-wielding mob on Sunday attacked the home of a local leader of the minority sect, killing three and wounding six others, police and witnesses said.AP

Feb 10 (KATAKAMI.COM / THE JAKARTA POST) — Police have requested the testimony of 25 witnesses to understand the meaning of the blue ribbons that were worn by the mob in Sunday’s Ahmadiyah attack in Cikeusik, Banten.

“The investigators are trying to find [out the meaning of the blue ribbons], we just have to wait and see. If there is some progress on the case, we will relay it to the press. Just wait for the interrogation of the 25 witnesses to finish,” said National Police spokesman Anton Bahrul Alam on Thursday, as quoted by The Jakarta Post.

Anton said that he was not in the position to conclude that the blue ribbons worn by the anti-Ahmadi mass during the clash meant that the attack was organized beforehand, since the witnesses were still being questioned by the Pandeglang Police.

However, Anton also said there was a possibility that the list of suspects might grow.

As previously reported, three Ahmadis were killed and many others sustained injuries after they were attacked by mobs.

So far, the police have only detained one suspect.   (*)



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