British Prime Minister David Cameron praises two-way partnership with Oman

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron, centre, meets with students as he tours the Grand Mosque in Muscat, Oman, on Thursday Feb. 24, 2011. Cameron, who is on a tour of the Middle East and the Gulf, said Thursday that there will be consequences for recent violence conducted against innocent protesters in Libya. (AP Photo / Tim Ireland, PA)


Feb.24 (KATAKAMI.COM) —- British Prime Minister David Cameron has praised the two-way partnership Britain shares with Oman in areas such as technology, security and trade.

Speaking at BP’s headquarters in Muscat on the final leg of his visit to the Gulf region, Mr Cameron said he was proud to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of British technology in Oman.

The PM also praised the “huge British investment in Oman” helping to build the Oman Parliament, the Omani Opera House and the Oman National Museum.

Mr Cameron stressed the partnership was two-way and said the relationship could “only go from strength to strength”.

“A partnership where we work together, where there is huge British investment into Oman but also great Omani investment into Britain and we want to encourage that investment to take place.

And I’m extremely pleased that already exports have doubled over the last five years and we have ambitious plans to make sure that the two-way trade and the two-way investment continues.”

Following his visit to BP, the PM toured the Grand Mosque in Muscat where he met with students from its Islamic Institute.

Oman is the final country in the Prime Minister’s visit to the Gulf. Earlier this week, he visited Egypt, Kuwait and Qatar accompanied by a delegation of business leaders.  (*)

Source : Number 10 Gov.Uk. Website



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